Hey you. Thanks for stopping by my ABOUT page. If you are a follower already, or maybe just ran into my blog and are curious about what the heck “Cat Bar Fashion” is I figured this might help you figure it out.

I was alway’s on the hunt for my niche, especially when it came to my blog. However, I soon realized that everything I do relates to trying new things. There is nothing that bugs me more than falling into the lines of every day society. I GET SO BORED. Independence is my happiness, and doing things differently keeps me feeling alive. I discovered this about myself when I entered my Freshman year of college (freedom). I was stuck wearing a uniform to school my entire youth, and when I wasn’t uniformed I found myself in the same old sperry’s everyone else had on.

Until I started figuring out who I was as a person, I never knew how restricted this life made me feel. Some people spend their entire lives changing and trying new things. If you agree, and like to try new things in fashion, beauty, and worldly adventures you have come to the right place! One day you might find me at a vintage shop looking for levi jeans, and boom the next day in a long floral skirt. I hate being restricted and I like to dress for the woman I feel like being that day. If you go to my SHOP page you can find a range of items from Edgy, to Beachy and Matchy Matchy. Nice to meet you, whoever is reading this. Maybe we can meet some day! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Random Facts

School: Kent State University Fashion School 

Hobbies: Eating Hot Dogs and adding fedoras to my collection I started in 8th grade, I also have a weird thing for reading books on Economics.

Things That Annoy Me: When people put recyclable materials in the trash located directly next to the recycle bin. 

Favorite Type of Food: Tied between an American BBQ and Mexican 

Do I have siblings? no… oh wait yes! Three brothers.