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Embroidered Lunch Date

Hey guys. Sorry this post is delayed. The past few weeks I was finishing up my summer job, moving back to Kent and then preparing to start a new job on Monday! I was putting away my wardrobe in my tiny closet here at school which means layers of things on top of each other. I even had to put a bin of clothes in my trunk “in case” I need it. I have a big too much stuff issue.

Anyways I just am excited to be blogging from school again, I always am inspired by the other fashion students and love to see what people put together so I can incorporate it for Cat Bar Fashion readers. So thanks for stopping by today and know there is plenty more to come.

Embroidery was big in Italy last semester so why not bring it back in action this fall! I love the look on the otherwise plain white button down. I found this shirt at Nordstrom Rack (whats new!) and its on sale! Love that place. I wore it with my J Brand jeans I have had for a while and my kork-ease shoes. I then wore a fun lace bralette and tied the shirt up enough so it would peek a boo underneath.

It is a perfect lunch day look. SO here are the links!

What am I wearing? Top  Kork-Ease


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Island Living

Suntan. Pool. Happy Hour. Repeat.

That was the schedule of the last long weekend I had and it was amazing. I went to Marco Island with my mom and girlfriend Sarah and her mom! It has been a place I have been visiting for years and I know it like the back of my hand.

I brought a lot of darker colors on the trip and am linking some swimsuits, dresses, and a skirt. If you follow me on Instagram (@catbarfashion) you probably saw that I am wearing a black skirt as a strapless dress in the picture. I got a steal on the skirt at Nordstrom Rack and I think it is fun to turn things into something new.

Sooo aside from this girls weekend awesomeness… I am treating the blog like a diary today and want to share some exciting things happening in my life! The first news is that I got a job during the school year at Area Trend as a Buying Intern! The second if that I also got a position as a brand ambassador for Thursday Boot Co. this Fall! So between these two fun companies I feel like I will have some new insight into items and things we all need in our Fall wardrobe. On top of that it is going to be my final year at Kent and then I will be going where the wind blows me! I can’t wait to see what the future hold. so cliche but true.





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Chicago Dreams


While I am dreaming of moving somewhere out west or down south after I finish up this year, I can’t help but love the windy city. Chicago is perfect because it is close enough to home where I can still experience midwestern city vibes. SO I decided to spend a weekend away there.

I had a ton of fun going with my good friend Angela. We explored the city all around and did a little shopping at the Anniversary sale. For our brunch on Saturday we went to Fremont, a night club they turn into a crazy brunch. They had a donut wall and blackberry mimosas (key to my heart). I would recommend it for a special Saturday occasion.

I sported a lot of darker colors over the weekend. I don’t know why I am so attracted to purchasing black/gray/navy everything these past few months, but I just feel like it is slimming and cool. #currentmood.

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Summer Tie Dye Look

Hey hey it’s Tuesday.

Today I get to talk about my favorite pattern/color/whatever you want to call it.. TIE DYE! I seriously have an obsession that will never go away. It is such a fun look all year round, but it makes the most sense in the summer. I got this super cute top from TOBI.  They have the best Tie Dye selection around + It is reasonably priced. I will link all my favorite pieces from their site below with my top! I matched the look with a fun bralette, some white Vince pants, my usual Replay boots I can never get enough of, and these super cheap sunnies from Amazon (you’d never know).

SUPER cool TiE DyE

What am I wearing? Top Pants(similar) Sunnies



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All Tied Up

Guys. I seriously have a travel urge. Going from 5 months of straight traveling and living a dream to work work work is actually depressing. I don’t know what has gotten into me but I just haven’t been feeling like myself. The good news is that the rest of summer is about to be fabulous. This weekend I am traveling to Chicago followed by a trip to school the next weekend to see Dierks Bentley play at an outdoor concert! Woohoo. I am starting to plan some really cool outfits for ya.

This week I wanted to share a few fun looks. The first one are these super cool tie up pants by Tobi! I AM OBSESSED. Everyone needs a pair of tie up pants to feel sexy in. If you can’t tell by my sweater and boots I pretty much always want to dress for the fall. So I did what I wanted and made these pants work with a fun Anthro sweater and my tall Replay boots. I have no doubt you will be seeing these cool pants matched in a million other ways in future posts.

What am I wearing?? Sweater(similar) Tobi Pants Boots(similar) Sunnies

ALERT: If you head over to my shop page you will see all my Nordstrom Anniversary sale picks! Definitely worth the browse.


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Amazon Prime Day

LINKS TO ABOVE: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Happy Amazon Prime Day! Starting at 9pm July 10th Amazon will be offering extra special deals to their prime members. Henceforth I put together a little collage of some things I have my eyes on. Underneath the collage the numbers are linked directly to shop on Amazon!! I own a few of the items. Number 9 is a JORD watch, I love their watches and actually made a post about them here! For Prime day they are offering an extra 30 percent off and the obvious free shipping. The other item I own is Number 10, these sunnies are only 13 bucks and sooo cute. If you like a nice chunky lens they are perfect for you. The other items I just really like and might purchase tomorrow if the deals are what I am hoping for (: Anyways have fun shopping, and comment below with your finds!!! I would love to let all my ladies know.


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White Romper Time

Heyoh. Happy Monday! I don’t know about you but my energy level today is zero and the only food that sounds good is avocados. Like I am eating an avocado with a spoon as I type this. Just cause I know that piece of information was super relevant to your day. ALSO Amazon Prime day is starting tonight at 9pm Eastern time! I am putting up a post I have been working on all day with links to all my favorite deals by 8am! So check out the blog in the morning.

Sooo..when I feel lazy and lack energy I usually still want to look good with much less thought. That is when the romper game comes into play. I recently purchased this bell sleeve romper from Tj Maxx and have worn it both dressy and as a swimsuit cover up. The only part you really need to think about is not wearing your bright pink polka dot undies under this white get up. Which I almost did. Maybe buy black?

I will link a wide array of colors and silhouettes for your lazy yet “so hot” look. If you want to get real fancy with is match the outfit with some fun heels like I did in the shoot. I am wearing suede  Steve Madden heels I found at Nordstrom Rack. Per usual they will be linked below.. however I am making them all amazon links just in case you read this on prime day and want an extra steal (:

What am I wearing?? Similar Romper Heels Sunnies Earrings(direct message)

PS: These earrings are the cutest. My friend Rose introduced me to them and I am obsessed. You can find them on Instagram @Braklima GO go Go!

“I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”





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Patriotic and Proud of it

Happy Friday guys! It is almost the start of the sort of holiday weekend (depending on if you work Monday) and I thought why not be a little Patriotic with the Fourth so close by. I had a super busy week and I was going to end it with a Pure Barre class this morning! However, I ended up having a migraine and went back to bed until 1. Henceforth my perfect schedule left me to post this a little late!

The first outfit I put together for the fourth is super casual and perfect for a chilly night. I paired a cold shoulder Free people sweater with some red white and blue denim shorts I found for a steal at Old Navy! I also added a neck scarf (Old Navy), and my Ted Baker flip flops.  I did a lot of my fourth shopping here because they have lots of options at a good price. I just mixed and matched the items with some of the nicer pieces in my closet.

What am I wearing? Sweater(similar) Shorts Flip Flops Neck Scarf Scrunchie( mine is from Tuesday Morning) Blanket

SO the next outfit is a dressed up casual. I figured everyone has different plans for the fourth so I didn’t want to limit your options! I also found this tee shirt dress and Old Navy and man oh man it is so comfy PLUS it is only 8 dollars. I paired it with a few long necklaces, a Free People cardigan and tied my hair up with a flag scrunchie. The shoes are actually and old item I wore to Prom believe it or not. I never thought I would have another blue opportunity but here we are.

What am I wearing? Dress(only 8 dollars!!) 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July! On a more serious note I hope the current and negative media doesn’t get in the way of how you view our country. We have the freedom of the American Dream. Freedom of Speech. Freedom to vote. Freedom to dress how we please. Be thankful.

I am a proud American, and will always love the place I call home.

Extra Finds!


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How to Style a Graphic Tee

I can never have enough graphic tees let me tell ya! I have all kinds. I like to find them thrift shopping among other places. When my favorite blogger, Cara Loren came out with her own set of graphic tees I purchased a whole bunch. You can check out her new collection here!

3 Tips to remember when styling a Graphic Tee

  1. Always wear a necklace but keep it simple, the shirt is usually already busy enough.

  2. If you wear busy jeans (distressed) keep your shoes simple. BUT if you wear simple jeans– wear super fun shoes! It is all a balancing act.

  3. Find graphic tees that reflect your personality. Whether your favorite brand, or a cool place you visited its a great conversation starter and a little bit nostalgic (in my Paris case).

Since I recently was in Paris this shirt seemed like the perfect fit for this styled shoot. I found this shirt for 5 bucks at Old Navy. Whattt. I know. You should get it if you love Paris as much as I do.

So this tie-dye scarfy thing by Michael Stars is actually from my FabFitFun box. I kept having it pop up on my Facebook and I gave into it when I saw the last seasons box had my favorite full size Dr.Brandt Micro exfoliator! I was super impressed with the summer box that came.. and I only spent 40 dollars on it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try new products at a good price.

Plus If you know me.. you know I love dressed up tie-dye. SO I added it to my graphic tee and dark jeans. It totally added a new element to a otherwise plain outfit. To finish up the look I added a plain black choker, and my favorite tie up shoes by Dolce Vita.

Shop some of my favorite graphic tees here!

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Swim Suiting Your Curves

There is something to be said about a flattering swimsuit silhouette. When I came home from Europe I was super insecure about my extra curvy body and weight gain. Not that I regret a single thing I ate, I just knew a lifestyle change was in order. In the mean time I knew I wanted to show off the booty in a flattering way, High waisted bathing suit bottoms are perfect to show off a long torso, large hips, and big booty. Im telling ya ladies it’ll be an instant confidence booster. Thank you to the era of Marilyn Monroe when curves were the sexiest thing you could have they created this high waisted silhouette and busty top.

I actually found this swimsuit super cheap on Amazon and the quality is great! It is always a toss up ordering something randomly like that. But I can’t believe how nice this suit turned out to be. Click the link below for order info… and its Prime! I will link some other cute ones I have my eye on as well.

>>>>My Swimsuit<<<<< Less than $30 for top&bottom