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Swim Suiting Your Curves

There is something to be said about a flattering swimsuit silhouette. When I came home from Europe I was super insecure about my extra curvy body and weight gain. Not that I regret a single thing I ate, I just knew a lifestyle change was in order. In the mean time I knew I wanted to show off the booty in a flattering way, High waisted bathing suit bottoms are perfect to show off a long torso, large hips, and big booty. Im telling ya ladies it’ll be an instant confidence booster. Thank you to the era of Marilyn Monroe when curves were the sexiest thing you could have they created this high waisted silhouette and busty top.

I actually found this swimsuit super cheap on Amazon and the quality is great! It is always a toss up ordering something randomly like that. But I can’t believe how nice this suit turned out to be. Click the link below for order info… and its Prime! I will link some other cute ones I have my eye on as well.

>>>>My Swimsuit<<<<< Less than $30 for top&bottom


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Beauty advice after 80 years

Hello Loves!

My mom threw a big birthday for my grandma’s (Marilyn’s) birthday this past weekend. She turned 80 in May and we had all the family in town to celebrate! I thought what a cute idea to ask the original fashionista herself on her 80th for some beauty advice. We decided to sport the same Anthropologie shirt and it’s actually on sale plus an extra 25 percent off right now!

Below I have the chit chat we had!

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is how a person reacts to another person. kindness with old age is beauty. Because once the wrinkles set in personality is most important.

What is your favorite beauty brand?

Oil of Olay because I have used it for years and I think I look half way decent.

What Oil of Olay do you use?

I use their Regenerist line! This includes a moisturizer, day cream, eye cream, and night cream.

Have you taken any vitamins/supplements to keep you feeling young?

I take so many. I take 5,000 MG of Biotin a day. But there are tons of other vitamins in my box I take as well. When you get older you obviously need more, when you are young its important to focus on eating healthy. Anything with berry in the name!

What is your favorite lipstick color?

I always wear red because it’s fun! I like to match the rest of my outfit to my lipstick.

How do you keep yourself feeling young and lively?

Being around you and your mom. Keeping busy, playing bridge, and shopping in Macy’s last act where I get great deals on fun things. I also spend time with my boyfriend Jack for 8 months of the year in Marco Island, Florida.

If you had to give your 20 year old self one piece of beauty advice, what would it be?

-Stay out of the sun and clean your face every night before you go to bed.

-Throw cold water on your face at the end of the day because it closes your pores. My home economics professor told me that and I have done it ever since.

-Learn to laugh a lot because a smile is very important. You also giggle more when you drink wine if you need some help!

-Also make sure to get as much sleep as you can!

What is your favorite color to wear for clothing?

It used to be orange but now it is definitely pink and red.

How have styles changed in the last 50 years?

Well I have kept things and they have gone in and out of style for years. So purchase products you really like and don’t be too anxious to get rid of them. They will be in style and vintage before you know it!

What is your favorite item in your closet?

I have this beautiful pink dress I am wearing for your brothers wedding with the matching pink purse you got me in Italy. At the moment that is my favorite.

What news source do you find most of your beauty advice?

Whatever magazines I find around your moms house! Haha! I also find random things that pop up on my Ipad, not sure how it happens though. Just like I’m not sure how I always end up facetiming you.

LOVE you Marilyn!

-xox hope everyone has a great day!

What are we wearing? Our Top, Catherine’s pants, (Catherine’s sandals find exact ones at Nordstrom rack sale)





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Denim Dress

Hey guys! I wanted to snap a quick pic of todays outfit. I could grab my mom from her office for like two minutes so I did the best I could LOL. While I love dressing up, sometimes I wake up in the morning with a major brain fart about what I should wear. That is when this comfy Anthropologie dress comes in handy. Cute, yet simple and easy you can throw it over your head and always be in style. I actually purchased this back in High School and still haven’t gotten sick of it. I don’t know about you guys, but it takes a special item for me to still appreciate it a few years later. That is the biggest problem with the pace of the fashion industry these days, all we do is buy buy buy. But we may not actually love it after a few wears. So if you love denim and dresses as much as I do, find one you really love! Trust me. Also for anyone wondering, my glasses are Kate Spade and you can find them here! I will be wearing them the next two weeks until I go get Lasik!! Yay!!

My favorite options

(1) Anthro Number (same material as mine!)

(2) Topshop Edgy (and on sale!)

(3) Off The Shoulder!

(4) Boho Maxi

(5) Target Knows Best!


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Challenging Self Doubt

It is one of those days where all I want to do is pull out the wine, grab a glass, and watch Netflix. Yet the moment I begin my show and pour my glass something in the back of my brain is nagging me to be productive. Like don’t sit Catherine, you have unfinished business. The problem with this “challenge” is I then grab my computer and do the one thing I know will leave me satisfied, a blog post.

As I stare at my blog trying to push away my perfectionist habits and decide on a fashion tip of the day I get stopped in my tracks. It is the problem of self doubt. Self doubt we all face when we put our opinions out to the world. Is anyone actually going to read this? Is this blog ever going to make it big in a world of confident egos and sour faces. Will conservative Midwestern opinions continue to ask me what I plan to actually do with my life… Do any of these things matter?

So maybe you get completely rejected. But so has everyone who tried to do something on their own. It would be worse if I had to live my whole life with nothing to satisfy the constant productivity nagging in the back of my brain! I hate to think that anyone has their shit together in this crazy world. So here I sit writing this post, to tell you one thing. Stop letting self doubt wiggle it’s way into your life, and use it to your advantage.

  1. When you doubt a post, make a post out of your doubts. (hey you caught me!)
  2. When relationships fail, use it as a lesson to understand yourself better.
  3. When rejection hurts, remember the feeling when you’re in the opposite position. #Empathy.
  4. When nothing goes right. Go for a long hard run and work the booty.
  5. When everything goes right, feel thankful in your entire soul, and hold onto the feeling for the next time self doubt comes to the surface.. Because it will.
  6. Kick ass. Always kick ass. Make your ass so tight you just keep kicking until you forget all your worries. #hakunamatata
  7. LAUGH.

This whole post is so off topic from anything else I have ever written. But I don’t care, because I am tired of constantly looking at perfection on social media when we all know nobody has it all together, all the time. But hey maybe you want to check out beauty products or travel soon! SO click these links of popular posts below!





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My Every Day Makeup Routine


Alright I know I always talk about all things shoes and fashion, but I decided to switch up the tempo and talk beauty favs with you all today. I am the definition of a beauty junkie. I am always trying new brands, formulas, and items right when they come out. Like gimme false lashes, bold or vampy lips, and just the right shade of a highlight!

…..but when it comes to an average day I have fallen into a pretty standard routine of my absolute favorite products that are perfect for on the go! So I figured you needed to know exactly what the beauty junkie picked out from years and hundreds of products of research.

The Primer: Benefit Cosmetics Pores No More! This primer is silky smooth and is the perfect base to wear alone, or under your foundation.

The Foundation: OH MY GOSHH. guys this stuff is so amazing. I actually was told to buy it at a Sephora in Milan, Italy. I asked the artist what her favorite one in the store was and she brought me straight to the Shiseido Synchro Skin. It has sunscreen, its so light yet build-able. I don’t know I just love it. I have had issues with other foundations where they get cakey, oily, and fade throughout the day. This doesn’t do any of that. I use it every day.

The Mascara: Will I ever stray from this amazing mascara. nope. nope. nope. It is that good. Makes my lashes look like falsies. End of story. Better Than Sex by Too Faced.

The Bronzer: Benefit strikes again with a beautiful bronzer palette called “Cheek Parade”. I use Hoola Light and Hoola Regular on a day to day basis. It just looks so natural.

The Lip: Tarte Lip Paint. I still love my Lip Sense, but if I am going for a more velvety feel I will do this nude shade. I actually received it in my Birchbox and fell in love.

The Perfume: Last but not least.. the scent. I love La Vie est Belle by Lancome. It is such a feminine sweet smell, however perfume is a personal choice so this is just an idea to smell at the store!

Click the Links of each title to shop my favorites directly!! XO loves.



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What I Learned Studying Abroad

What is upppp! Today I wanted to throw the post for a spin and make a list of all the things I have learned while studying abroad.

  1.  The taxi, car, and especially the bus in Florence will take you out going 80 mph through a tourist zone.
  2.  Handmade goods like the Italian artisans make are amazing and worth the splurge. Especially because you can find tasty wine for 3 euros! (I will miss you tear)
  3. I wore wedges on the cobblestone and didn’t trip. But I have almost blown out a knee in flats. So you can never be sure.
  4. Speaking of blowing out body parts. Don’t break your elbow playing Italian soccer. You learn quickly after they put you in a full arm cast that the only choice you have is to be positive and rock the massive thing. ITS AWFUL. Plus I swear nobody at the hospital speaks English.
  5. Italian men are short, and taken care of by their mamas. My Italian professor still buys her 30 year old son underwear. (hope she doesn’t read this)
  6. Don’t be too hard on yourself for gaining weight if you haven’t tried 90% of the foods in an area. Like one pound or homemade French crepes?!? I think we all know the answer to that.
  7. NEVER ride the bike taxi in Paris. My mom and I had a young kid charge us 100 euro for a 10 minute ride! We only gave him 70 which was still an insane rip off. They get you because you’re American.
  8. Go to Croatia, the water is crystal clear and it is such a unique trip. I LOVE YOU CROATIA.
  9. Take a minute to breathe in the air, and enjoy the scenery of some of the most beautiful places you will ever set your eyes on. Don’t forget to be thankful, and say a prayer.
  10. Home has even more importance when you explore other cultures, no matter how much you love them you always will want your Ranch, Fluffy dog, and friends.
  11. Finally, and almost most importantly, being happy is a personal decision that only you can decide every morning. You can’t count on a place or person to change that for you, even Italy!.. however you can count on them to take it from you. Some people will always have a reason to be upset, and you can’t let that get in the way of your day!





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Why You Need To Visit Monaco


Hey babes! I am currently sitting in the courtyard of school in the sun, sweating, yet perfectly content with my life. How can Florence continue to make me so happy? You need to visit.

I had to share another destination of my Spring Break adventure with you, Monaco! I died and went to heaven in Monaco. It is quaint, yet spectacular. I mean for heavens sake there is a real prince there. Which of course lead to hours of research on the kingdom. It has a spectacular garden right on the French Riviera, and fun casinos which I managed to triple my money at!!! First and last time gambling because I want to stay ahead forever. Also Selena Gomez shot Monte Carlo here which is most of the reason I wanted to go at first. When you get there you can see why they would shoot a movie… UNREAL. I feel like my life isn’t real sometimes.

So onto the fashion. Who doesn’t love a fun lace piece? I found this dress while shopping in Paris and sported in on my trip to Monaco! For the ladies who are extra curvy it is the perfect fit! I like how it has a little extra structure. I matched it with my brown florentine leather coat and then ended up wanting to take it all off because it was hotttt. I even got sunburnt there. Wasn’t mad about it though because sun>>.

What am I wearing? Dress (even cuter!)

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Who would of thought I would be cruising the waters of Croatia at 20 years old. I can confidently say I never would of dreamed up such a thing, and that is exactly what I did just a week ago! I have less than a month left of my european adventure abroad and my heart hurts thinking about leaving my new home. I truly love the experiences I have found here, and I hope anyone who has kept up with my blog was inspired to travel (fashionably) away as well!

Croatian waters were crystal clear allowing you to see the fish swimming the bottom of the sea.  I was inspired by all things beachy including the light pink Italian leather purse I sniped from my mom before she left Florence, an adorable sweater I found in Croatia, and my super comfy Replay jeans. When I wasn’t in my outfit I was sporting my exotic print one piece (Only 40 bucks). Everything is linked right below!

What am I wearing? Swimsuit Sweater Jeans Purse(similar)

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Paris: Dream or Reality?


Over Spring Break I was able to explore the city of lights with none other than my mom! We took a dinner cruise on our first night down the river and were able to see the eiffel tower light up in all of its splendor. I fell in love with the city and am already missing my getaway there.

When I thought of the outfits I wanted to pack for Florence I was inspired by girly floral prints. I ended up sporting a floral tulle skirt on one day, and then an adorable dress I found at a boutique with sequined bows & tulle the next. There was no lack of living in a fairytale and I just feel so lucky to experience these things with my mom! If I have learned anything traveling it is definitely that you can never be too thankful.

So just a quick post but I wanted to link girly pieces that are inspired by my trip to Paris below. I also will link as much as I can find of my outfits pictured above. If you have any questions on outfits or ever need recommendations for your own Parisian adventure contact me.

Some outfit ideas..

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Cinque Terre and why it stole my heart


Good Morning! Alrighty I have soo many posts lined up to go up this week.

The first post.. as you can see.. is Cinque Terre, Italy. Cinque Terre means five villages, which is exactly what it is. Lined up on the sea lies five of the most amazing villages I have ever set my eyes on. A travelers dream, and the secret location of laptop screen savers everywhere. I took my mom here for the first day of my Spring Break. I had visited Monterosso earlier in my semester (one of the villages) but never got the full Cinque Terre experience and felt it would be perfect to do with my bestie. I now can confidently say this was one of my favorite places in Europe.

We spent our day strolling up the hill when we weren’t scarily driving down a narrow cliffside road. Being scared of heights has not been in my favor in Italy. Now onto the important stuff.

What did I wear? Well I sported a nautical Free People tee, and some new Zara jeans I found at the store in Florence. I get super into being cliche and dressing for whatever location I am exploring. So of course I am making all my links nautical for you guys. Nautical was in last summer, and it is one of those trends that will strongly transfer to this summer. So hook yourself up. I also wore my usual Prada sunnies ( I got a great deal on these: never buy full price!)

What am I wearing? Sunnies Top (similar) Jeans (similar new) Booties