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Challenging Self Doubt

It is one of those days where all I want to do is pull out the wine, grab a glass, and watch Netflix. Yet the moment I begin my show and pour my glass something in the back of my brain is nagging me to be productive. Like don’t sit Catherine, you have unfinished business. The problem with this “challenge” is I then grab my computer and do the one thing I know will leave me satisfied, a blog post.

As I stare at my blog trying to push away my perfectionist habits and decide on a fashion tip of the day I get stopped in my tracks. It is the problem of self doubt. Self doubt we all face when we put our opinions out to the world. Is anyone actually going to read this? Is this blog ever going to make it big in a world of confident egos and sour faces. Will conservative Midwestern opinions continue to ask me what I plan to actually do with my life… Do any of these things matter?

So maybe you get completely rejected. But so has everyone who tried to do something on their own. It would be worse if I had to live my whole life with nothing to satisfy the constant productivity nagging in the back of my brain! I hate to think that anyone has their shit together in this crazy world. So here I sit writing this post, to tell you one thing. Stop letting self doubt wiggle it’s way into your life, and use it to your advantage.

  1. When you doubt a post, make a post out of your doubts. (hey you caught me!)
  2. When relationships fail, use it as a lesson to understand yourself better.
  3. When rejection hurts, remember the feeling when you’re in the opposite position. #Empathy.
  4. When nothing goes right. Go for a long hard run and work the booty.
  5. When everything goes right, feel thankful in your entire soul, and hold onto the feeling for the next time self doubt comes to the surface.. Because it will.
  6. Kick ass. Always kick ass. Make your ass so tight you just keep kicking until you forget all your worries. #hakunamatata
  7. LAUGH.

This whole post is so off topic from anything else I have ever written. But I don’t care, because I am tired of constantly looking at perfection on social media when we all know nobody has it all together, all the time. But hey maybe you want to check out beauty products or travel soon! SO click these links of popular posts below!





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