Cat Bar

Chicago Dreams


While I am dreaming of moving somewhere out west or down south after I finish up this year, I can’t help but love the windy city. Chicago is perfect because it is close enough to home where I can still experience midwestern city vibes. SO I decided to spend a weekend away there.

I had a ton of fun going with my good friend Angela. We explored the city all around and did a little shopping at the Anniversary sale. For our brunch on Saturday we went to Fremont, a night club they turn into a crazy brunch. They had a donut wall and blackberry mimosas (key to my heart). I would recommend it for a special Saturday occasion.

I sported a lot of darker colors over the weekend. I don’t know why I am so attracted to purchasing black/gray/navy everything these past few months, but I just feel like it is slimming and cool. #currentmood.

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