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Denim Dress

Hey guys! I wanted to snap a quick pic of todays outfit. I could grab my mom from her office for like two minutes so I did the best I could LOL. While I love dressing up, sometimes I wake up in the morning with a major brain fart about what I should wear. That is when this comfy Anthropologie dress comes in handy. Cute, yet simple and easy you can throw it over your head and always be in style. I actually purchased this back in High School and still haven’t gotten sick of it. I don’t know about you guys, but it takes a special item for me to still appreciate it a few years later. That is the biggest problem with the pace of the fashion industry these days, all we do is buy buy buy. But we may not actually love it after a few wears. So if you love denim and dresses as much as I do, find one you really love! Trust me. Also for anyone wondering, my glasses are Kate Spade and you can find them here! I will be wearing them the next two weeks until I go get Lasik!! Yay!!

My favorite options

(1) Anthro Number (same material as mine!)

(2) Topshop Edgy (and on sale!)

(3) Off The Shoulder!

(4) Boho Maxi

(5) Target Knows Best!


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