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Poncho Love

Hey guys. How is your Thursday treatin ya? So today I am talking comfy ponchos with you. I remember a time back in third grade my mom got me my first poncho, hand knit by another mom of a boy in my class. She ran a little knitting business and soon all 8 of the girls in my small Catholic school class were running around in them. I specifically can imagine the knitted flowers that were attached at the top of the bubble gum pink yarn. After a few years ponchos weren’t “cool” anymore and I moved on to the next big thing. So here I am 15 years later to tell all of you that I am back to sporting a poncho. Not that this is my first poncho since then, but in the past four years I have definitely seen them more frequently and man I am never going to be too cool for this one!!!!

I found this poncho at Jb&me. A boutique by my house in Grand Rapids, MI. I can’t locate the exact style but I can find lots of similar ones online. I will link them below. I matched it with some J Brand jeans, and brown booties.

What am I wearing? Similar Poncho, Similar Distressed Denim


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