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Vegas Baby

Hey you. Here are some photos of me getting posey posey around Las Vegas!

I can’t believe my birthday was already a couple weeks ago. My mom is the sweetest human to roam the earth and took me on a mother daughter trip for my 21st. It was everything! I even won some money at the casino.

I love going on trips because there are always different styles from city to city. It inspires me to put together outfits differently and get an idea about what is coming to the midwest. I only pictured a few outfits from the trip because I wasn’t focused on getting photos as much as I was in living in the moment.

Just going on any trips to a warmer destination? I am going to link some summer wear because it is the time to buy it all on sale! My following posts are going to be all about fall so take in the warmth while you can! xo.

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